Boneville Salt Flats Styled Photoshoots With Tyler Rye

I have recently shared a handful of photographs from my trip to Utah on my Instagram but I haven’t actually talked about why I even went to Utah in the first place! I left for Utah in the middle of March for a photography workshop with Tyler Rye! I left right as Covid 19 became a worldwide topic but it hadn’t really been recognised in Canada or the USA. I had been following Tyler on Instagram for years. He was kind of like a photography celebrity to me. When I told my boyfriend Joey that I was going to the workshop and going to get to meet him he asked, “are you going to cry when you see him like he’s a really celebrity?” I didn’t… but it still felt really cool! 

Tyler was offering a handful of workshops in 2020 and the first one I looked at was at the Boneville Salt flats in Utah. I’d been dreaming of shooting at the salt flats for a long time. I booked a spot in the workshop within an hour of seeing the post!

Tyler’s workshop went over all things photography and business. We covered A LOT of info and I took pages of notes! He was super helpful and really fun!


We shot two different styled shoots on the flats. One was at golden hour the first night which was a wedding styled shoot. The second was a mock engagement shoot and took place the next morning at sunrise. 

Our first shoot was with models Kyle and Courtney (@courtney_gracie & @kylecummings1). They had never met but their chemistry on camera was mind blowing! They were so much fun and of course, looked great together!


Our sunrise shoot was with with Mr & Mrs Niccoli, posing for us as an “engaged” couple. Of course they were super comfortable with each other so we had fun throwing in some new poses! It was freezing cold at 5:30 in the morning on the flats so our shoot didn’t last too long but it was totally worth it for these stunning images! You can even check out some drone footage from this shoot on Tyler’s Instagram (here).



I had a lot of fun. As a group we spent all of our time together, sharing meals and driving from spot to spot. We ate a lot of tacos and burritos! I drove to and from the flats with a couple of the girls there and learned a lot from each of them! I was the youngest attending the workshop which was a lot of fun because I was able to learn a lot from everyone else there. 

One of the things I distinctly remember from the whole trip was how many times I got teased for not eating the pancakes Tyler made for breakfast because they only had “pancake syrup” to put on top rather than the real maple syrup I’m used to at home. How cliché of me as a Canadian skip pancakes just because of the low quality syrup. I guess you would have to believe I also got a lot of comments on my Canadian accent! Honestly it was kind of funny because I didn’t even notice anyone else had an accent but I swear Tyler sounded exactly like Luke Bryan! 


Thanks for this incredible experience! I truly recommend Tyler for his workshops! I would love to be apart of another one in the future and bring over some maple syrup for the next breakfast! Thanks everyone else who was there and passed on many other tips and tricks to me during the workshop!

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