Questions + Answers

Q: How do we receive our photos?

You will receive your photos through a private online gallery. I will email you the link and password to your gallery when your photos are ready. There you will be able to view, "favourite" and download all of your images. You can even share the gallery on social media!

Q: When do we receive our photos?

I always deliver preview photos within a week from the day of the shoot! The rest of your gallery will be delivered 3-4 weeks after your shoot date.

Q: Do you edit all of your photos?

Yes! All photos will be edited. I edit all the images for light and colour correction and often for acne and fly-away hairs. If any additional editing or professional re-touching is required it will be a small extra charge (post-delivery).

Q: Will you help us plan for our shoot?

Of course! I’m the type of person who will ask a million questions before jumping into anything new so I am happy to go through all of your questions before hand. If you want my advice or help to plan location, outfits, timing, props etc please let me know. I’m happy to help you with anything!

Q: How do we handle payment?

Once we have confirmed your photoshoot date and a couple of other details I will provide a quote and ask that you pay 25% of the full price as a deposit to secure your date. Your 25% deposit will count towards your final payment. For more info on what the deposit is all about please read “Q: What if we Cancel?”

Q: What if it rains?

Great question. If we think there's a chance of rain we can pencil in a backup date in advanced! I will be keeping tabs on the weather ahead of time (starting a week before your shoot date) so we will have some notice for postponing it. If it is not a flexible event/date then we will just have fun with it. I have enough clear umbrellas to go around. Some of my favourite shoots of all time have been in the rain!

Q: What if we have to cancel?

Cancelations less than 7 days before your shoot date will result in me keeping your deposit of 25%. This will be explained in your the portrait contract. To avoid loosing your deposit please inform me of your cancelation as soon as you can so I can use your deposit towards a re-scheduled shoot!

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Q: Will you pose me? What if I’m awkward?

Totally. You have nothing to worry about. Even photographers get awkward in front of the camera! But hey, some of my favourite images have come out of that initial nervous/awkward laughter! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you warm up to the camera!

Q: What should we wear?

Glad you asked. I recommend checking Pinterest for some inspiration! Check out my Pinterest board HERE for outfit inspiration! If all else fails, just stick with your favourite go-to outfits! A semi-formal look is my recommendation. Send me some photos ahead of time if that would help!

Q: Can we post photos on social media?

Absolutely! I LOVE seeing your photos on social media! It’s so fun for me to see which ones you like the most. I just ask that you tag me as the photographer in your post. I will provide those details for you later! If you want to see what other people have tagged me in already you can check out my Instagram: @katherinesylvesterphoto

Q: How does each session go?

Each session starts with me arriving at your shoot location ahead of time. I check out all of the ideal spots in the area and take some test shots. Once you arrive we will re-connect and talk through any last details. The rest.. well, it’s a lot of smiling, laughing and having a great time. We can even grab an ice-cream after (or during... I love those mid ice-cream cone smiles)! After we wrap up I will send you preview photos within the week and your full gallery after 2-3 weeks!

Q: Do you offer albums/prints?

I do not offer any prints or albums YET but I can recommend a couple great places to have those done!

Q: Can we print our own photos?

Yes! You are welcome to print your own images. You will be receiving high quality photo files which will look fantastic printed out. If you are planning on doing any extremely large prints just let me know so I can re-export your images to best suit the frame. If you are on the fence about printing photos make sure to read my thoughts about it HERE !

Need some inspiration? See my pinterest Page!

Tips + tricks

tip #1

Plan well ahead! Start the discussion with me a while before your ideal date! This way we can be mindful of the weather and I can get a head start looking into some locations for you. I love going on mini adventures to find new shoot spots and can recommend some for you to check out before deciding! Time of day is important so we’ll want to plan for a specific time based on the sunset time that day!

Tip #2

Search the web! It’s always handy to have looked at example photos ahead of time for inspiration! I think my iphone camera roll is 95% photography inspiration. Checking out my profile is also one way that you can get an idea of what to expect during your shoot. The people you see in my photos were likely new to being photographed too. If you find any photos you like... share them with me so I know what you are looking for. If you want to find some inspiration you can check out my Pinterest boards! See HERE !

Tip #3

Gift a shoot! A photoshoot can be one of the most simple yet meaningful gifts to give. Wether you are apart of it or are giving it to a friend, you can really show your love through this gift! Maybe you have friends who have just moved and need some prints to hang! Maybe it’s your anniversary and you know you’re due for a nice photo together. Maybe you’ve recently achieved a fitness goal and are ready to spoil yourself with some fresh portraits! One of my favourite shoots was booked by 4 siblings who surprised their parents with fresh family photos on their anniversary! Gifting a shoot is super exciting and has so much potential for creativity!!

Anymore Questions? Send me a message and I’ll be happy to go into more detail with you!

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