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Hey! I’m Katherine - eyes, heart and humor behind the camera! Let me tell you a little bit about my photography journey

Photos by Jakob Wyne

2012 - Discovered my love for photography on a trip to Thailand! Shooting with an ipod touch at this point

2013 - Got my first job, saved all summer, spent every cent on my first camera!

2015 - Started being mentored by a professional wedding photographer. Did my first portrait shoot and fell in love with portrait photography!

2016 - Shot my first wedding! Got hooked.

2019 - Graduated Highschool knowing I needed to turn my passion into my career. Best decision ever.

2022- Quit by side job as a lifeguard - Officially a full time photographer! Determined to shoot more destination weddings & elopements ;)

Photos by Jakob Wyne

A little more about me.. why not...


- Total extrovert

- Country music fan

- Follower of Jesus

- Podcast listener

- Off road driver certified

- Starbucks addict

- Board game fanatic!


But honestly, I’m easy to get to know. Let’s save some details for later. I want to know you and your big ideas!

kind words

"Katherine was amazing for our engagement shoot! She was so creative with her poses and angles. The photos we got back were incredible! I LOVE her bright and natural editing style. But above all, she made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. I give Katherine a 10/10 and highly recommend shooting with her!"

"We really enjoyed our session with Katherine. She was a lot of fun to be around and brought a very calming presence to the shoot! I was nervous about doing a photoshoot for the first time but she was super helpful when we were planning it and she made both of us feel happy and confident during the shoot. I'll definitely be doing more sessions with her in the future!"

"I am over the moon with how our photos turned out. Katherine nailed the image I had for our session and made the whole process so fun and easy. Katherine is so professional and kind. I couldn't have made a better choice for our family photos!"

"We got in contact with Katherine through a family friend and are so happy to now have her as our go-to photographer! She is a dear friend to us now and photoshoots with her are something we really look forward to!"

Some of my favourite photos!

Vancouver Family Portraits by Katherine Sylvester Photography
Vancouver Wedding Portraits - Katherine Sylvester Photography
Vancouver Couples Portraits - Katherine Sylvester Photography
Couples Portraits - Katherine Sylvester Photography
Some photos taken with Marie Skerl Photography & Events

why print photos?


It’s hardly necessary to argue for the value in photography. Everyone agrees there is immense value in having photographs of your life’s memories to keep, cherish and pass on. You can see it all over the internet and in your own iPhone camera roll. As a photographer who has grown up in this iPhone/social media age, I’m getting a little nervous that having such an excess of photographs floating around will mean we eventually end up with hardly any REAL or memorable photographs to look back on. I love using my phone camera to document fun little moments in my life but I’ve never actually printed out a photo from my phone and kept it in an album to cherish. It usually just goes snap, post, delete.


One of the things I’ve been blessed with in life has been having generations of relatives who have passed down their printed photos in albums. I have fond memories of the time I spent with family looking through albums from their weddings, parties, trips and everyday life. Spending that time, seeing and hearing about those memories, laughing with them, has given me a deeper appreciation for what I do as a photographer and who I do it for.

Portraits by Katherine Sylvester Photography
Portraits by Katherine Sylvester Photography
Family Portraits by Katherine Sylvester Photography
Portraits by Katherine Sylvester Photography
Family Portraits by Katherine Sylvester Photography


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Based in Vancouver, BC
Available for travel worldwide

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